X2000: The collected shorts of François Ozon

Directed by François Ozon

First four screenshots from The Little Death, fifth and sixth from Bed Scenes and the last one from X2000.

This DVD included four films:
Truth or Dare (1994)
Little Death (1995)
Bed Scenes (1998)
X2000 (1998)

A nice introduction (slightly outdated) to Ozon from Senses of Cinema here
“Ozon’s originality lies in his filmmaking style, which belongs to familiar cinematic traditions, but which he renders unfamiliar by either carrying them into queer territory, or by mixing up various recognisable genres within a single film. In doing so, he evinces a reticence to conform or fit inside the neatly delineated boundaries of mainstream cinema. Ozon’s works, from the very start, problematise identity as fixed, and destabilise notions of gender (masculinity, femininity) and sexuality in a daring and explicit fashion.”

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All screenshots taken by myself.

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