The Blue Angel (1930)

Directed by Josef von Sternberg

“It took little time for me to make up my mind. Rosa Frohlich would be Lola-Lola, deprive her of her child, give the pupils intriguing photographs of her, make her heartless and immoral, invent details not in the book, and best of all change the role of the teacher to show the downfall of an enamoured man a la Human Bondage.”
– Josef von Sternberg

Literary Origins: Sternberg’s Film The Blue Angel by Richard Firda, here. Nice article about the film and its literary source.
“More than an exercise in glamorous eroticism, The Blue Angel is a film with a serious message, whose theme shows life as an exercise for endurance against social emotional obstacles… Rat’s death, however, should not prevent us from realizing that the choice between a career and sexual passion has been uniquely his own”
“Stylistically, The Blue Angel is an early example of the American film noir.”
Published originally in Film Quarterly 1979, Vol. 7, Issue 1

MUBI site for film here
IMDb site for film here
Buy DVD here
All screenshots taken by myself.

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